Top Reasons To Buy a Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle in Salt Lake City

July 6th, 2021 by

We have great new vehicles at Jerry Seiner Cadillac, but did you know we have plenty of wonderful pre-owned luxury SUVs, cars, and trucks, too? In fact, buying a new-to-you vehicle can be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. Since luxury vehicles are built better than other cars, used ones avoid many of the pitfalls of pre-owned vehicles while keeping their benefits.

Depreciation & Value

As the cliché goes, cars lose 15% of their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. While that’s true for brand new cars, after the first year or two, automobiles of all kinds tend to stop depreciating as much year over year. That’s great news if you’re looking to buy a luxury car or SUV and don’t need this year’s model: a used car will actually hold its value better over time, so when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll get a better deal.

In addition, because depreciation knocks the top 15% off the price of a new car after a year, you can afford more cars by buying used! Though your budget may only afford you a basic trim or entry-level new vehicle, it can take you much further into luxury territory if you look at cars a few years old.

Longevity & Affordable Maintenance

Automakers have made huge strides in the longevity of their offerings, meaning that it makes more sense than ever to purchase a used vehicle. Though you should still get a used vehicle mechanic inspected before purchase, you can generally trust used cars on the market today to last quite a while after you buy them. With the advent of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs and vehicle history reports, you can have even greater peace of mind that the used vehicle you buy will be in your family for a long time.

Because cars are built better, they also tend to need maintenance less over time. Plus, the ancillary yearly costs for used vehicles are less than for new: older cars tend to cost less to register, are taxed less, and are cheaper to insure, so you’ll save more than just on the sticker price. With aftermarket communities full of passionate owners, you’ll have lots of support if you try to fix up your used car yourself, too.


Finally, a feature of used cars that’s easy to miss is the sheer variety of choices you have. If you’re looking for a new luxury SUV, car, or truck, you might only have three or four choices from every manufacturer. But if you widen your search to include used vehicles, you have access to every car made in the past five to ten years! If you’re looking to buy your perfect car, you’re simply more likely to find it by shopping used.

Speaking of variety, Jerry Seiner Cadillac of Salt Lake has a huge selection of used luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs! No matter why you drive around Utah, we’ve got the car for you on our show lot, conveniently located at 1530 S 500 W in Salt Lake City. Come see us today for great deals, fair financing, and comprehensive service packages!

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