4 Tips to Get Your Used Cadillac Ready for Winter

November 29th, 2021 by

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At Seiner Cadillac Salt Lake, we understand that getting stuck in your vehicle in cold weather conditions can be a headache for drivers. Whether you’re driving the reliable used Cadillac Escalade or navigating your way through snowy roads in your used Cadillac XT4, we’ve got you covered with 4 essential tips for managing your used Cadillac in the coldest of temperatures for the roads of Salt Lake City.

Can You Drive a Cadillac In The Winter?

Yes! Driving through any snowy or icy conditions can be hazardous without the proper preparation. With efficient all-wheel and four-wheel drivetrains, Cadillacs are capable of getting you through almost any icy road or snowy passage. In addition to the power under the hood, used Cadillac vehicles also give drivers various safety features such as rear camera mirror, safety alert seat, and impressively responsive automatic emergency braking. 

While each used Cadillac has its own capabilities, never put yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable. Here are some useful tips to ensure your safety and warmth in cold weather conditions.

1. Winter Tires

You may be wondering—can I put winter tires on a Cadillac? While Cadillacs don’t necessarily need snow tires to be able to drive in colder conditions, getting snow tires properly installed at our Seiner Cadillac service center is a surefire way to ensure you’re getting the traction you need.

When travelling to tougher terrain and even more tire traction is needed, the next best option is to properly equip your Cadillac’s tires with tire chains. These chains create even more traction, as certain areas of the country require them beyond certain points on their roads during the winter months.

2. Check Your Heater, Lights, and Battery

Strictly from a comfort standpoint, no one wants to be cold during a long road trip or commute. From a safety standpoint, your used Cadillac’s heater can be potentially life-saving if you get stuck in extreme cold weather conditions. Make sure your vehicle’s heating system is properly working before hitting the road and head to our service center if it’s not. 

Don’t forget to check your Jeep’s headlights and battery to make sure they are working efficiently as well. Every component works together to ensure you have a warm trip, wherever your journeys may take you.

3. Check or Replace Your Used Cadillac’s Fluids

There are specific oils with lower viscosity that help ensure your engine produces efficiently in cold temperatures and your coolant needs to have the right mixture of water and antifreeze to avoid your engine freezing up. There are also fuel additives that can prevent any water in your gas system from freezing up, but those are generally for more extreme low temperatures.

Just like your used Cadillac’s engine oil, consider switching to a winter-specific windshield wiper fluid that is designed to prevent freezing, as well!

4. Always Prepare An Emergency Road Kit

Preparing an emergency road kit for you, your family, and your used Cadillac is perhaps the most important tip of all. In this kit, we recommend having not only a first-aid kit, but backup water, rubbing alcohol, engine oil, antifreeze, non-power tools, jumper cables, emergency radio, and traction mats for tire grip.

As a bonus tip, if you can’t get traction mats and you’re wondering how to get your car out of snow, cat litter is effective for tire grip as well!

Driving in Snow in a Used Cadillac From Seiner Cadillac Salt Lake

It’s vitally important to prepare your used Cadillac for any type of weather conditions, especially when the roads will be covered with ice and snow. Here at Seiner Cadillac Salt Lake, we understand that our customers will see more roads traveled than just around the communities of Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Bountiful, and surrounding areas, and our staff members are knowledgeable about every model and trim of used Cadillac we have on our lot. If you haven’t decided on a used Cadillac from our extensive selection, check out our available inventory online or give us a call with any questions.

If you’re ready to start the car-buying process with us, don’t forget to head to our online finance center where you can get pre-approved for car financing today!